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Do You Have These Concerns?

Struggling with Stable Sales of the Shiitake Mushrooms You Handle

Looking for Impactful Vegetables that Will Sell Well

Such concerns are resolved by 10fields Farm!

The Characteristics of Shiitake Mushrooms Cultivated by 10fields Farm

Thorough Management in Enclosed Spaces Ensures Consistent Quality Even in Summer

Different Shiitake Mushrooms Cultivated in Containers

Unaffected by Disasters, Ensuring Stable Supply

The Secrets of Cultivation

The three most important factors when cultivating shiitake mushrooms are humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide.

"Container Cultivation Ultimate Shiitake" has succeeded in producing high-quality, juicy shiitake mushrooms by using air conditioning and commercial humidifiers within leafy containers insulated with insulation material, ensuring thorough management.
Due to cultivation in containers, it is resilient to disasters such as typhoons. It enables stable year-round supply with uncompromised quality in a tightly controlled enclosed space, and offers flexibility in terms of size and more.

A Lineup with Freely Customizable Sizes and Quantities

Kiwami nama siitake


Gyokusui(coming soon…)

Don't you want to handle high-quality, marketable shiitake mushrooms with a stable supply?

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