[ Company overview ]

Company overview

10 fields Farm Co., Ltd.

President and CEO澤村 雄二 (Sawamura Yuji)
Chairman of the Board市川 裕 (Ichikawa hiroshi)


2805-6 Minamikanai, Daian-cho, Inabe City, Aichi, Japan, Room B205, Lafine Daian

shareholdersTenfields Factory Co., Ltd.(100%)

10 fields Farm Co., Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer(Representative) 市川 裕(Ichikawa hiroshi)
Establishment  2002
Capital 40 million yen
Headquarters 〒619-0237  1-7 Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture Keihanna Plaza 9F In addition, we have branches throughout the country
Local subsidiaries The Philippines
The number of employees 160 (Including part-time employees)
Average age 28 years old
Contact us 0774-66-6994 / 0774-66-6995(FAX) HP: http://10-ff.com/