New Conventional Wisdom in Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation

The shiitake mushrooms cultivated by 10fields Farm have been grown using a groundbreaking method within containers, achieving thorough quality control. For the cultivation of high-quality shiitake mushrooms, humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide are crucial.

The shiitake-specific containers, modified specifically for shiitake cultivation, are insulated, allowing for easy temperature control. By systematically managing temperature and humidity in this controlled environment, we have succeeded in cultivating high-quality, fresh shiitake mushrooms.

Plump and Juicy Shiitake Mushrooms Born from Thorough Management.

Without using any pesticides, and through thorough quality control achieved by cultivating inside containers, we grow juicy shiitake mushrooms that contain about 50% moisture. We are confident in the natural taste of the shiitake mushrooms themselves, so they can be deliciously enjoyed with simple cooking methods such as grilling.

A Lineup with Freely Customizable Sizes and Quantities.



Gyokusui(coming soon…)

Recommended Cooking Methods

Grilled Shiitake Mushrooms

By simply grilling, you can enjoy a juicy texture and rich flavor from its meaty thickness.

Shiitake Tempura

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Please try making it at least once!


Simmered Shiitake Mushrooms

It's a simple and easy sweet and spicy simmered dish. It's a Japanese dish that can also be varied by adding vegetables or meat.

Shiitake Mushroom Hot Pot

into English is "By steaming the shiitake mushrooms, they become plump and juicy. The stems remain crisp, offering a delightful texture.

Retail Outlets

Beer and Sheep (Osaka)

Yunoyama Onsen Shikanoyu Hotel

Also popularly available at several other supermarkets

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