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Sikano-yu Hotel

At Sikano-yu Hotel in Mie Prefecture, our shiitake mushrooms are used in their dishes.


Yunoyama Onsen 'Sikano-yu Hotel' is an inn where you can enjoy the great nature of Mt. Gozaisho. It is approximately 20 minutes from Yokkaichi IC for access, and about 1 hour by direct bus from Nagoya. Our inn takes pride in its cuisine, hot springs, and rooms. We are located in a hot spring village with a legend of deer and a history of 1,300 years.

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湯の山温泉 鹿の湯ホテル@sikanoyu - Instagram

On the Instagram of Kano-yu Hotel,We have been featured using our shiitake mushrooms.


「The Tenfields Farm Co., Ltd. produces it.

 The extreme thickness and overflowing juiciness of umami...

 Drip, drip...

 Absorbing the oil of Ise-Mizusawa beef, it goes 'juwa~'

 I want you to try our proud shiitake mushrooms.」